False Lashes 101 – How To Do It Right

Not all of us are born with naturally glorious eye lashes. But in a world so advanced, you totally have the opportunity to have the perfect volume of eyelashes. Most people assumes that having the quality products is the most crucial factors here, although it is really both that and the correct application. In fact, in the end of this read, you won’t ever have to struggle in applying fake lashes.Here’s your comprehensive guide of eyelash application.

  • Ensure that your eyelids are clean and dry

In the field of construction, no concrete is poured as long as the connecting surface is ideally chipped and cleaned, which ensures proper bonding. The same principle applied in fake lash application as well. If the areas where the lashes are to be pasted were not so clean and dry, the bond wouldn’t be strong, period.

  • Trim the strips in accordance to your eyelid size

Unlike individual lashes, strips of fakes should always be ideally cut and trimmed. If not it would look like as if it was forcefully applied; the unevenness of the volume would be obvious. Hence, take a good look at your current volume and the length first and then cut and trim as needed.

  • Apply the glue tactically

The use of the glue is probably the most important step in the process. Because it’s not like you can paste, pull off, paste and keep doing it again and again; the results would be perfect if the application was once. To do so, you’re going to need three main items. The first is the eyelash extension glue, something to apply the glue such as a tiny brush and then the mixer.

As long as the three items complement each other, it is safe to process. If not, you just might end up ruining the strips.In addition, having all the accessories is also important. Try investing in a mini vortex mixer to mix your glues and all sorts of lash enhancing items so that you can make the best out of them. In making the purchasing, stick to online shopping because local rates for things like these is higher in comparison.

  • Do not look ahead when pasting the lashes

Placement of the mirror should be given close attention when you’re pasting lashes. That way, you won’t have to look down, which is the ideal positioning of the eye, and lose the sight of the reflection. So basically, keep the mirror at a lower level.

  • Use mascara as a finisher

Once you’re done applying the lashes, it is always good to add a finishing touch with mascara. This would terminate any uneven features and result a perfect blend in.