Stone Vs Timber; What’s The Best Kitchen Benchtop Option?

A benchtop is one of the major aspects that governs the general quality of a kitchen. Hence, it is important that no matter what we choose, we have good reasons for that purchase. Stone vs Timber for benchtops might be a question that you might be looking for in the verge of a kitchen upgrade or in building it all new.

Read more to find out the factors on which the conclusion is made.

 Heat/fire resistance

Any kitchen deals with a lot heat in several ways. It could be a sauce-pan that is being kept accidently, a super-hot coffee mug or a plate that has warm food, what do you think will have the slightest mark left? It’s without a doubt the timber one. But wait! While it will have the slightest marking, all the stone benchtops Melbourne will have no mark at all. For an instance, suppose that you are pouring kerosene on a big rock and a piece of strong hardwood and set them on fire at the same time. Sure, the rock will be quite black, but will there be any loss of mass? No. Meanwhile, there will be no piece of wood in the end in a solid state.

 Overall strength

Even the densest timber is still softer than the least dense type of a stone material. This is a very important factor because you might be ending up placing a lot of things on the benchtop with time. Given that it is one of the soft materials, it can even to lead to slight cracks that can eventually get worse. If you’re looking for a strong benchtop that will posses a uniform appearance overtime, timber is the worst choice you can make. But kitchen stone benchtops will guarantee a constant appearance for a long time that delivers a strength that can withstand heavy weights without leaving any sort of mark. See this post to find out more details.


This is the factor where all the sudden deviations in decisions happen. Typically, a simple hardwood is quite expensive. That is due to the legal background of tree-cutting. After that starts the chemical adaptations. This means that, the raw timber will undergo several modifications before making it your benchtop. But a stone benchtop requires a simple polishing and cutting only; and our has more than enough stone to utilize. Based on this fact, high quality timber benchtops come out very expensive whereas stone made ones stay cheap.

There is no doubt that stone wins the competition over timber with a good lead. If you are unable to tell some who asks why you have chosen what you have chosen, other than just because you like it… you might be in a little pickle. But now that you know what you should know, you won’t be so.

The Home Research Is A Must Before Buying

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Understand details about the home first
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