We are living on earth with limited resources. Humans are rapidly increasing, and the resources are depleting day by day. If we keep on wasting the resources this way, there will come a time of scarcity of resources. Hence, it’s a time to be mindful about how to decrease the pollution by endorsing the recycling or reuse of the scrape. Multiple companies are working in this regard, but Collier Road Metal is an established family-owned business that takes pride in dealing with the non-ferrous and ferrous metal of all types. We are in the heart of Perth. We have facilitated the customers with our strong connections with metal dealers all over the globe.

Why us

With our strong connections to dealers, we always assure you may get the best for you. We will find you the dealers who are ready to pay the best and favourable prices for your scrapes. This way cash paid for scrap cars. We sell and buy the top metals that are led, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and many more.

We buy these scraps from a variable degree of sellers, as in from local plumbers to the sites of demolition, metal merchant, or from the other resources. The cash paid for scraps cars will give you the profit and this way you may earn from the loss too.  We will offer the services of skip bins or other bin s of your selection with variable size. We have bins and the vehicles to pick them up that you may get cash paid for scrap cars in perth.

 We have fully licensed, friendly, professional scrap metal collector professionals who are here to deal with the matter once you contact, you will receive the friendly services, and this way it suits all your needs. We prefer top cash paid for scrap cars.  These deals are done professionally. And you will get the best for you.

Buying scrap metal

We endorse recycling. Thus, if you are interested in recycling and have a scrap, come to us. We will buy the scrap and cash paid for scrap cars.  Either you have a small or large project. We always endorse it and try to facilitate you with the best. We are the competitive buyers and you can come to us anytime with any amount or level of scrape. We promise to find for you the lucrative prices and competitive buyers who will pay you the price you are after. Thus, no need to worry, we get you covered here.

Simply contact the team and narrate your demands. We will contact you back once we will find the top cash paid for scrap cars dealer for you. Trust us with your everything here