Maternity Photography For Newbies

Maternity photography

Motherhood is not something you read off books and become a pro at. If there was a guide for perfect motherhood, all of the women would have topped it. But the bad news is there’s no hand guide and there are no rules. Even if you read an ample amount of books, you still would not be prepared enough for what is about to come. You see it is exactly how you prepare for a tough course and even a lot of studying is not enough, you are still scared about the results. That’s exactly how motherhood is. It is nerve wrecking but it is also fulfilling- you give love you didn’t even know you were capable of giving and you can’t get enough of your little fuzzy ball of happiness.

Maternity photography in berwick has started making rounds on social media and if you are pregnant you might have checked it out for inspiration and ideas. At Katelee photography, we make sure that you get the best photographs out of your pregnancy whether you want them to make an announcement of your pregnancy or you just want a couple of photos to reminisce this beautiful experience for the rest of your life.

Photography has its own set of rules but somehow the maternity photography follows different rules than the other types of photography. Since the mother has an additional life inside her, it is not possible for her to model for poses which are rather risky like standing on rocks while the waves wash over you or model in certain forest type location.

 For maternity photography, you need to opt for poses and angles in which the mother feels safe in and she maintains her balance simultaneously. You need to opt for locations which do not carry any health hazard and before booking a slot for photography, you need to ask your client if there is any health issue. Throughout the photoshoot you need to keep a check at the mother for sake of her well-being and her child. At Katelee photography we make sure our mothers to be are properly hydrated and well fed so that they are do not feel light-headed or dizzy in between a photoshoot.

The next thing you need to focus on is proper lighting for your shoots. Ideally, just like every other photoshoot, natural light works the best and complements the tone of the portraits in the best way possible, especially the golden hour which accentuates the features of the model and gives a blinding glow. But, for a more professional effect, you can play around with flash which would give your portraits a rather dramatic and edgy look which the client would love.

Maternity photography just like any other photography needs to be done with utmost care and passion so your client can reminisce her beautiful maternity journey throughout her life. We, Katelee photography, would love to share these moments with you and provide you with the most professional maternity photography services in town. Call us today and our representative would get in touch with you.